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In Chile we are a firm specialized in the elaboration of Transfer Pricing Studies and in the planning of transaction schemes in related economic groups, which is expressed in an integral analysis of your company under a multidisciplinary and strategic optics with added value.

We are part of a multidisciplinary team with wide international experience in transfer pricing consultancy.

Our practice has been developed under international technical standards and regarding to the particular normative and economic conditions of Chile, so, we offer our clients a personalized and comprehensive counseling.

In 2013, offices are opened in Chile, through the company TP Consulting Chile or PT Consultores, in partnership with Chilean partners.

TP Consulting Chile or PT Consultores is a member of the largest worldwide network of Transfer Pricing specialists: Altus Alliance.



The beginnings of TP Consulting date back to 2004, the date on which it began to provide service for technical studies of Transfer Pricing in Peru. In 2006, offices were opened in Ecuador through an alliance with Dr. Rodrigo Garces, partner of the Law Firm Ecuadorian company DRET, creating TP Consulting Association - DRET. From 2013 and, with the growth that had this company, it began to operate in Ecuador under the name of TP SA Ecuador Consulting.

In 2013 offices were opened in Chile, through the company TP Consulting Chile or PT Consultores, in association with Chilean partners. That same year we started to do Transfer Pricing jobs in Central America, specifically in the following countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Puerto Rico.

In ColombiaTransfer Pricing works were since 2009 with the technical rigor that the firm has always held. Within the team, we have the support of Karina Becerra, who worked several years in the area of Transfer Pricing DIAN (Directorate of National Taxes and Customs of Colombia).

In 2014, an agreement was reached with the following professionals to provide Transfer Price services:

• In Panama: Raul Gomez Hurtado and Olmedo, who provide services through the Panamanian company Hurtado Associates (www.contadorespanama.com)

• In Costa Rica: Steven Barker and Carlos Rodriguez, who provide services through C & A Costa Rican firm Strategic Consulting, SA (www.caconsultores.net).

In 2015, the firm expanded to El Salvador and Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Bolivia. In each one, we reach an agreement with the following partners to provide services in their countries under the name of TP Consulting.

• In El Salvador: Otto Guzman and his team (www.acn.com.sv)

• In Guatemala: Study Novales Lawyers (www.novales.com.gt)

• In Brazil: Diego Marchant

• In Honduras: APO Society

• In Nicaragua: Thédulo Baez and his team (www.baezcorte.com)

• Finally in Bolivia: Rafael Vergara, director of Vergara & Asociados (www.vergarasociados.com)

TP Consulting has based its success on Transfer Pricing by mixing a solid international experience with excellent local practice. This has allowed it to advise more than 1,000 companies from 9 countries on the subject and has also provided advice on the most important Latin American contentious cases.

In the area of investments, it began to provide advice in Peru in the area of Public Private Partnerships since 2008. In 2009 the company TP Invest is created and today has provided advice on investment projects in Peru, whose Investment amounts totaling several billion US dollars. Through TP Consulting China, we advise Chinese companies who want to invest in Latin America. In order to accomplish that, TP Consulting has a professional team of Chinese people who dominate languages like: Spanish, English and Chinese.

who we are


Be recognized like a firm who provides solutions in Transfer Pricing and Investment issues that increases the value of our clients.


Keep the leadership in the market, offering the highest quality standards in consultancy about Transfer Pricing and Investment issues.

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